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Brisbane’s best in the west—our reputation speaks for itself. Many of our team have grown up in Brisbane’s west and are dedicated to giving back to the community.

From slabs for your shed to exposed aggregate driveways, we’ve got you covered!

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How much do we charge?
We are not the cheapest, but not the dearest either. We always aim to complete jobs on time and to the highest standard, and that’s why we believe we receive so many “word of mouth” referrals. We explain our prices in detail so our customers can be assured they are paying the right amount of money for the service they receive.
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Here are the main services we provide to Brisbane’s Western Suburbs.

Concrete. So many think it’s boring. We think it’s beautiful and extremely functional.

Environmentally sustainable, durable and affordable. The list goes on. But because of its versatility, we’re the concreters Brisbane West locals have trusted to do hundreds of different jobs.

Here are our most requested services. If you don’t see the service you need below—give us a call—we’re always up for a challenge.

Concrete Slabs

Concrete Slabs

Need a slab for your patio? Shed? Secret nuclear bunker? We’ve got you covered.

For thousands of years, concrete slabs have been laid around the world from east to west, north to south, I’m sure there are even some on Antarctica, but who knows what happens down there.

The point is, they are well used because of their versatility, functionality and affordability. More information about concrete slabs can be found here

Exposed Aggregate Concreting

Exposed Aggregate Concreting

One of our most requested concreting jobs—exposed aggregate is loved far and wide.

With dozens of styles and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to get a driveway that aligns with your property, tastes and budget. More about exposed aggregate concreting here

Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways

Don’t fix what’s not broken. Capable of lasting upwards of 50 years (if laid by professional concreters Brisbane west teams like ours), concrete driveways are an excellent choice.

Like exposed aggregate, they come in many shapes, sizes and styles and are our most affordable driveway. More info about concrete driveways construction click here

Got Questions? No Worries

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How much does concrete cost per m2 in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs?

How much does concrete cost per m2 in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs?

A good rule of thumb to work by to get an estimate for your concrete job is $100 per m2 laid.

This price can fluctuate significantly as it really depends on your particular project (accurate pricing can be acquired only through an on-site visit and quote).

Smaller jobs are priced individually based on requirements, difficulty and other factors.

When you get your free quote and consultation, you’ll know for sure — Jack will explain where every cost comes from and will always make sure your needs are being met.

When you work with Jack’s Concreting, you’ll never be left with the bad taste of hidden costs in your mouth.

These are some questions to ask yourself that will impact the cost of your job.

– The specifications of your job

What materials are you choosing?

Exposed aggregate, or classic concrete? Do you need a massive space concreted, or is it a one-car driveway?

In this step, our team will let you know how many tradies will be needed to complete the job, the time estimation and the types of equipment needed.

This will all be included in the quote, so you will never pay a dollar more than what you agreed on before the job begins.

– Is there easy access to your job?

Are you in a long, skinny shared driveway?

Up or down a steep hill with thick vegetation on either side?

Is there street parking for trades teams and trucks, or are you in a high-density area?

These are just a few things to keep in mind, as they will likely impact the end price of your quote.

How many days does an average concreting project take to complete?

On average, 1-3 days.

Larger more complex projects can take up to 5 days, but this is rare.

Properly curing the concrete for a few days before usage is very important and patience is necessary at this stage.

This is often the longest part of the concrete laying process. Don’t stress, our team will give you all the details!



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