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We don’t spend thousands on marketing—you won’t see us while you’re scrolling your newsfeed or watching TV—but you will hear of us from your neighbour, a friend or a colleague. That’s because we’re Brissie locals through and through and we always provide the best concreting jobs to our customers.

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Concreters Brisbane - What types of concreting jobs do we do?

From flawless slabs to perfect exposed aggregate driveways and everything in between—if it involves concrete—our team can do it. We’re also pretty good singers and dancers when the work radio’s going, but we don’t charge for that.

Concrete Slabs

Flawless concrete slabs for your shed, patio, pathway, hidden dungeon, every time. Always installed to meet or exceed Australian regulations by licensed tradesmen.

Exposed Aggregate Concreting

From luxurious to the understated, these exposed aggregate driveways come in many shapes and sizes but all are pleasing to the eye—and your home's value. Come see what the fuss is about.

Concrete Driveways

Tried, trusted, durable and eco-friendly, it’s no wonder concrete driveways are our most requested service. When installed properly, they can last up to 50 years and be used for generations to come.
If you’re looking for a Brisbane Concreter team that’ll be in and out and do a splendid job at that, then Jack's concreting is for you. Pick up the phone and give us a buzz for your free quote, it’s that easy.
Concrete Slab Brisbane
Concrete Driveways

Being a Busy Brisbane Concreters Locals Trust, We Get Lots of Questions…

How long do concreting projects usually take?

This depends on the job you’re getting—but anywhere between 1-3 days is usually how long we spend on a project.

5 days is for much larger, commercial projects! Keep in mind, after the concrete has been laid, it may still need time to cure, which takes time too! Patience is key.

Our team will let you know exactly how long you will need to wait to use your driveway or slab.


Does a 4-inch concrete slab need rebar?

Yes. However, the thickness of your rebar should never be more than 12% (or â…›) of your concrete slab.

For a 4 inch slab, you shouldn’t be using steel thicker than half an inch thick.

If you’re not sure though, it’s best to contact our team as we are licensed tradesmen and can affordably install concrete slabs for you. .


How much does it cost? Based on the average Brisbane concreting job.

This can vary heavily according to your project's specifications.

A good rule of thumb to work by to get an estimate for your concrete job is $100 per m2 laid. This price can fluctuate significantly as it really depends on your particular project (accurate pricing can be acquired only through an on-site visit and quote). Smaller jobs are priced individually based on requirements, difficulty and other factors.

This can be more expensive of course for exposed aggregate and more complex projects.

Be wary of teams claiming they can lay concrete for any less than this, however, as the quality could be lacking.

For accurate and FREE quotes, call us today!


How thick does my concrete slab need to be?

4 inches (100 mm).

This is subject to change and hugely relies on the structural requirements of your concrete slab.

Our expert team always guarantees that the width and structural integrity of your concrete slab meets and exceeds what you will be using it for.

What if it rains during your scheduled job dates?

Pouring concrete during the rain may compromise its strength quality.

It may also increase the tendency for dusting and scaling to develop.

If rainy weather prevents us from doing your concreting project on the scheduled date, we will have to move it to the next available date.

Of course, we will try to prioritise it as much as possible, but you have to accept that it might cause a significant delay in getting your project done.



Patio Concrete Slab
Do you service my area?

We don’t neglect any Brissie local. If discussed, we’re willing to travel far and wide to any project. Just give us a ring, if we say no problem—our word is concrete.

Below are our most common service areas, as many of our jobs have come from happy referrals from previous clients to neighbours, friends and family living nearby.

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