Concrete Slabs Installation In Brisbane

Concrete slabs come in all shapes and sizes. If you need one laid, why not get the best concreters in Brisbane on the job?

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 Here’s Why So Many Choose Jacks Concreting to Lay Their Concrete Slabs


Concrete slabs shouldn’t ever break the bank. Our extremely competitive pricing per m2 has made Jack’s Concreting so popular in Brisbane and its outer suburbs. With multiple 5-star reviews, our reputation speaks volumes.



When you need a concrete slab put down, you expect it to be done in a timely manner and to a high standard. With all of our tradies being qualified and vetted by the team, you can be sure your concrete slab is being laid by the best, at unbeatable speeds. 



Concrete doesn’t always give off eco-friendly vibes.

Under its greyish complexion and tough exterior, is a big green heart—it’s one of the most sustainable construction materials out there. When concrete slabs are laid correctly, they can also last upwards of 80 years.


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Why Choose Jacks Concreting?

Andrew Harmis

Andrew Harmis

Hands-on Concreter & Company Director

Andrew alone has over 15 years experience in the concreting industry.

We don’t spend thousands on marketing, you won’t see us while you’re scrolling your newsfeed or watching TV, but you will hear of us from your neighbour, a friend or a colleague.

That’s because we’re Brissie locals through and through and we always provide the best concreting jobs to our customers.


We strive for your satisfaction.

It’s how we got started. The satisfaction we see on our client’s faces and the feeling we get as tradespeople seeing a project go full circle is why we do what we do.

Everyone in the company loves these projects—sometimes even fighting over who gets to work on them! We believe it’s this passion that has led us to become Brisbane’s best concreting company.

We have countless finished projects and would be more than happy to show you our extensive portfolio during your quote and planning phase.

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Questions & Answers

Rule #1 for Concrete Slabs—They’re All Different

Like beautiful, grey snowflakes, concrete slabs are all different.

Different dimensions, different styles, different reasons for being. Before getting too philosophical, here are just a few times you’ll require a concrete slab.

Concrete slabs for your patio

Building that dream patio out the back? A durable concrete slab is where it all begins.

Their versatility in appearance and design on top of their ease of installation make concrete slabs the first requirement of any long-lasting patio.

Concrete slabs for your garden shed

Need a place to retreat from the missus, husband or kids? Or maybe you’re a green thumb and require a space for your tools? Garden sheds that are going to last more than two weeks will need to be built on strong foundations like a concrete slab.

Concrete slabs for your water tank

Due to their durability and strength, concrete slabs are the perfect base for your future water tank.

Spreading load across the dimensions of the concrete slab reduces the risk of your water tank tipping over, leaking or being damaged. Concrete slabs really can do it all!

How much does it cost?

A good rule of thumb to work by to get an estimate for your concrete job is $100 per m2 laid. This price can fluctuate significantly as it really depends on your particular project (accurate pricing can be acquired only through an on-site visit and quote).

Smaller jobs are priced individually based on requirements, difficulty and other factors.

What is the minimum thickness required for a concrete slab?

4 inches (100 mm). This is subject to change and hugely relies on the structural requirements of your concrete slab. For example, a narrow pathway that will only have you and your four-legged friends walking on it won’t need to be 4 inches reinforced slab, but the driveway where you park your 4WD will be. Our expert team always guarantees that the width and structural integrity of your concrete slab meets and exceeds what you will be using it for.

Does a 4-inch concrete slab need rebar?

Yes. However, the thickness of your rebar should never be more than 12% (or ⅛) of your concrete slab. For a 4 inch slab, you shouldn’t be using steel thicker than
half an inch thick. If you’re not sure though, it’s best to contact our team as we are licensed tradesmen and can affordably install concrete slabs for you. Get in touch with best concreters Brisbane today!