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Wherever you are in Brisbane’s Northside—all the way up the coast or down near the CBD—our rockstar team is dedicated to providing you with the best concreting tradesmanship money can buy in Australia.

The versatility of concrete is what makes it such an effective and timeless construction material.

We truly believe it’ll be a long time before a new material comes along and takes over. With so many things you can build with concrete, we have completed all sorts of jobs over the years.

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How much do we charge?

Roughly about $80 per m2. We are not the cheapest, but not the dearest either. We always aim to complete jobs on time and to the highest standard, and that’s why we believe we receive so many “word of mouth” referrals. We explain our prices in detail so our customers can be assured they are paying the right amount of money for the service they receive.
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Here are the main services we provide to Northside residents.

If you have something else in mind—our tradies are knowledgeable, experienced and always up for a challenge.

Concrete Slabs

Concrete Slabs

Used for many of years across the world, concrete slabs remain one of the most functional materials in construction.

Our concrete slabs are laid with expertise and care, meaning you’ll get decades of use out of them. In fact, they become stronger with time. For slabs for new houses, patios, sheds, driveways or paths, we’re your guys. More information about concrete slabs can be found here

Exposed Aggregate Concreting

Exposed Aggregate Concreting

We have so many beautiful finishes to choose from when you opt for an exposed aggregate driveway, the hardest decision you’ll have is what style to pick!

Don’t worry, we will be with you every step of the way and offer our two cents if required.

Aggregate is durable, customisable and budget-friendly, making them so popular for many locals in Brisbane’s northside and surrounds. More about exposed aggregate concreting here

Concrete Driveways

Concrete Driveways

Out with the old, in with the new. Cracked and chipped concrete driveways can be hard on the eye—and as our most affordable option—don’t break the bank to fix!

With so many designs and styles to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one perfect for your property, in budget and in style. More info about concrete driveways construction click here

Got Questions? No Worries

As One Of the Best Concreters On Brisbane Northside We Get Asked Lots of Questions…


How much does concrete cost per m2 in Brisbane Northside?


A good rule of thumb to work by to get an estimate for your concrete job is $100 per m2 laid.

This price can fluctuate significantly as it really depends on your particular project (accurate pricing can be acquired only through an on-site visit and quote).

Smaller jobs are priced individually based on requirements, difficulty and other factors.

This will depend greatly on your particular project.

In your free quote with us, we will explain exactly how we arrived at the quoted price – no one likes hidden costs and surprises!

Some major factors to keep in mind that will affect quote price include…

– The specifications of your job

Think about the size of the job, materials chosen and type of job.

Typically exposed aggregate can be a tad more expensive, because of the extra labor and plant needed, but also due to the materials used having a higher price point. Basalts, charcoal and quartz can all drive the price up.

– Is there easy access to your job?

Will it be very difficult for our concrete truck to get near your property?

Will we need more workers and tradies on site given the size of your concreting job?

Is the space really cramped and therefore only suitable for a few workers but a longer completion time?

These are all questions that will be asked and answered during your free quote. Don’t worry, we have done 100s of these jobs and are more than happy to explain the quote every step of the way.

How many days does average concreting project take to complete?

Between 1-3 days.

Keep in mind, larger, more complex jobs and jobs that require a longer curing time can span up to 5 days.

With that being said, this is rare. We should be out of your hair after 3 days and you’ll have your concrete slab or driveway all to yourself! Get in touch with best concreters in Brisbane today!


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